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Who are we


INTEGC is a Technical Design Office recognized for its know-how and competence in several fields. We offer technical studies, quality controls and expertise in the sectors of motorways, roads, town planning, roads and various networks (VRD), buildings, engineering structures, water , energy, agricultural and other infrastructure.

With over two decades of experience, we pride ourselves on our organizational ability and our commitment to quality, cost and time. Our team of seasoned professionals is able to provide superior quality services to our clients.

Our motto is 'knowledge all the way', which means we work with our clients to ensure that every project is completed with diligence and rigor, from initial planning to final completion. We are passionate about our work and committed to providing the best services to our customers.

Our vision

INTEGC is part of the trajectory of excellence to eventually become one of the best engineering companies in Africa first and then in the world. In this respect, its slogan "expertise to the end of the work" is nourished by moral, ethical, deontological and managerial values ​​and principles, respect for technical standards and the minimization of risks in construction.


The INTEGC Technical Studies Office ( INgénierie et TEchniques du Génie Civil ) is a Limited Liability Company (SARL) with a share capital of 300 million CFA francs, or €457,347, and its head office located in the MBALLA I district (Dragages ) in Yaoundé, capital of CAMEROON.


The organization of INTEGC is based on the following main bodies: A General Assembly (GA) which appoints the Manager, An operational structure headed by the Manager and comprising an Operations Department (DEX) and an Administrative and Financial Department (DAF), comprising multidisciplinary experts and several departments in which qualified and motivated staff work.


The know-how and competence of INTEGC are deployed in technical studies, quality control, and various expertise, and this, in its fields of intervention.

Who are we?

Experience and Added Value

On the strength of its experience of around two decades combined with its organizational capacity, the INTEGC Technical Design Office, "expertise to the end of the work", expedites customer services with control of quality, costs and delays.


of experience


Probity is required of INTEGC staff both in the exercise of the missions entrusted by the client and outside. It manifests itself in the rigorous observation of moral rules and the principles of justice.

INTEGC carries out its missions independently of any particular economic and/or commercial interest. It thus delivers the results obtained and its opinions in all impartiality and objectivity. It promotes rigor and neutrality, by being equidistant from the client and the companies and thus promoting the progress and payment of the services performed.

INTEGC has the will to respond to the civic concern of the end user by contributing to the improvement of living places and their environment, in awareness of the commitment of its reputation. It treats all its customers in strict compliance with the principle of fairness, ensuring consistency between the cost and content of its services with concern for their accessibility within the framework of a reasoned economic model.

INTEGC ensures the transparency and traceability of its scientific and technical sources, the quality of its scientific and technical knowledge, the clarity of its methods, the rigor of its reasoning, the neutrality, clarity and the transparency of its procedures.

Externally, INTEGC campaigns for the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge with a view to debate, dialogue and the promotion of innovation in the construction industry. Internally, INTEGC organizes a "hybridization" of knowledge so that each expert becomes an enlightened expert capable of mobilizing other skills to provide an overall analysis. In this respect, it scrupulously observes the obligation of reserve, confidentiality, intellectual property rights and contractual prescriptions.

In the exercise of its missions, the concern of INTEGC is the end user and, in the event of major risks, INTEGC has the right to alert in terms of safety, public health and the environment. Thus, the stakeholders concerned are alerted to elements that could clearly affect the safety and security of the population and the quality of constructions.

INTEGC's positions are dictated by scientific and technical considerations based on the state of the art, scientific and technical knowledge and taking into account the environmental, economic and social contexts of construction issues. To this end, it implements the appropriate human, material and technical resources to maintain the scientific and technical quality which contributes to its reputation.

Adherence to best practices and technical standards has helped maintain INTEGC's upward growth trajectory for the eighteen years of its life and it can boast of being the custodian of both first party and second party certifications. which it intends to conclude with third-party certification (ISO 9001/2015, ISO 14001/2015 and ISO 45001/2018).

Leading team

Our vision is closely supported by our management teams who together define our main strategic orientations, ensure the proper conduct of business and defend our values ​​in order to maintain a caring and collaborative environment, for the benefit of all.

Ousman Bah
Commercial director

Matthieu Ntsoko

Gabriel TAMO
Operations Director

— Our clients


BET INTEGC is ISO Certified

As part of its development, BET INTEGC, which specializes in engineering studies and project control services, is pleased to announce that it has been certified according to three international management standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001 :2018 and ISO 14001:2015.

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